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What is Roulette?

Most people have heard of Roulette, which is a French word meaning "small wheels". Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, both online and at land-based casinos, and is also incredibly easy to learn to play. Roulette is a gambling game said to have been invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1657. On the other hand, there were two other French men named Francois and Louis Blanc who developed the European roulette with a 0.




The History of Roulette

As the name suggests, Roulette was invented in France and although the name is French, the Roulette wheel is a combination of the English Ace of Hearts and Roly-Pol, as well as the board games Hoca and Biribi, originating in Italy. In 1976, Jaquest Lablee wrote a novel called La Roulette Ou Le Jouer, describing how a roulette wheel spun in the famous palace Palais-Royal.

Playing the Roulette was prohibited in France during 1758. Francois Blanc therefore decided to introduce it to his casino in Monte Carlo, the very first land-based casino in the world.

In the 19th century, roulette was introduced in the United States and quickly became a popular game at land-based casinos. A zero was added to the wheel to increase the house’s advantage. Now there was a double zero (00) instead of a zero (0) and the game was called American Roulette. In 1850, the roulette wheel appeared at a land-based casino in New Orleans and quickly became a popular game among the population.



How to play Roulette

Are you a beginner when it comes to playing roulette? No problem, we will help you along your way. In roulette, you will hear about inside and outside bets. An inside bet is a bet made on one or more numbers (0-36) and in an outside bet, bets are on uneven or even numbers, or alternatively on the red or black colour.

Exams on inside bets are single, street, split, straight-up and sucker. Singles may pay as much as 36 times your wager, the highest possible odds, while in American roulette the highest payout reaches 37x. When you make a split bet, you are betting on two numbers, with a return of 17x, while a street bet returns 11x the money.

In European and French roulette, you'll only see one zero while the American roulette has an extra double zero slot which gives the house an even higher winning chance.



Your chance to win in Roulette

Depending on the variant you are playing on, your odds look anomalous. In European roulette, the house advantage is of 2.7% and in American roulette the advantage of the house is of 5.26%.

The way you choose to place your bets also makes a difference to your odds. If you place your bet on a single number, you have a winning chance of winning equal to the house advantage of either 2.7% or 5.26%. On the other hand, you can win a lot more money when the odds are of 35:1.

In outside bets the odds are of 48.65% and a 1:1 dividend. These bets are safer than inside bets and your focus is on colour, odd and even numbers or high and low numbers.

You can also make the par, line bets and group bet that give a payout of 2:1 - 17:1, depending on whether you are playing European Roulette or American Roulette.



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